HBG is a diversified holding run by the Hedi Bouchamaoui Family, with the support of qualified professionals with proven experience in project development and management.

Besides its historical activity in the Oil and Gas sector, the Group has decided, in recent years, to launch its own investment and diversification strategy towards services, agriculture and distribution. As we believe in constant business development, we expanded our activities to cover regional, national as well as international markets.

Nowadays, we have an in-depth understanding in a variety of sectors and we have turned the Group into a portfolio company operating in:

  • Automotive Distribution
  • Agriculture
  • Real Estate Development
  • Specialized Distribution
  • Financial Services
  • Other participations

Through the years, we have developed a cohesive core vision to lead our strategy and contribute efficiently to add value to our business environment and to our partners.


Our mission is to sustain the growth and development of our activities through innovating, creating synergy and embracing opportunities along with the development of human resources.



Integrity is the key value we work by based on transparency and honesty. Our company operates with high ethical and moral codes as we always aim to build long lasting relationships of trust with our employees as well as with our clients and partners.


Our commitment is rooted in the history of our Group; a fundamental value transmitted over generations to maintain our spirit of initiative, our passion for the work and the sense of responsibility in everything we undertake.


Our constant quest for excellence brings about the best of ourselves, each day, in order to continually consolidate our stature to match up our ambitions.